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Photographer: Ulf Palm


Falun boasts a number of other world-class sights apart from the unique mining environment with Stora Stöten (the great pit) and the Kopparberg Museum.

At Sundborn, 10 km east of Falun, you can visit the well-preserved 19th century home of Carl and Karin Larsson. The Carl Larsson estate is one of Sweden’s most popular tourist attractions and a wonderful way to experience a warm and personable home where colour, design and interior decorating come together in harmony. Carl’s paintings and Karin’s textiles have an effect on everyone and their home has inspired a great many people. Sundborn also houses Carl Larsson’s portrait collection in the small parish house next to the red wooden church.

The Dalarna Museum in the centre of Falun is one of the three most visited county museums in the country. An in depth look at the rich cultural heritage of Dalarna is on offer featuring traditional costumes, folk art and folk music.

Stadigstugan in Bjursås is home to the paintings of Mats Persson Stadig, one of Dalarna’s most well-known dala painters. His house can be visited at the homestead estate by Dössberget.

The famous botanist Carl von Linné married Sara Elisabeth Morea in 1739 at the mountain manor of Sveden just outside Falun. The wedding cabin has been preserved and can be visited.

The author and Nobel Prize laureate Selma Lagerlöf lived for a while in Falun and the study and library from her house have been recreated at the Dalarna Museum.

The Lugnet ski facility in the north part of the town is one of the country’s most extensive facilities for outdoor sports and events.

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