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About Falun - short facts 

Explore the quaint old parts of the town with their characteristic red wooden
houses, relax and warm up in one of the cosy cafés, shop and enjoy
concerts. There is always a reason to visit Falun.

  • Dalarnas largest municipality with approximately 60,000 inhabitants
  • Falun’s sister city is Borlänge. Together they form a joint housing and labour
    market with over 165,000 inhabitants
  • County Council seat and the culture and sports centre of Dalarna
  • Total area is 2 275 km²
  • 15 nature reserves
  • Two golf courses
  • The city was in the 1600s an international city with the largest and most modern workplace - Falun Copper Mine.
  • Falun, with its mining area, town and homesteader estates has been listed
    as a World Heritage status in 2001external link, opens in new window
  • The town has made great strides in sustainable development within
    environment, growth and public health
  • Lake Runn is really something special – all year round. Containing a large number of
    islands Lake Runn has its own archipelago. Skating for miles on the plowed tracks is a truly magical experience.
  • Lugnetexternal link, opens in new window, one of Sweden’s most complete sporting and recreational facilities is located in Falun, 58 of the Swedish Sports Confederation’s 67 special sports can be practiced here. Lugnet welcomes 1 million visitors every year.
  • Falun is four-time host of FIS Nordic World Ski Championship
  • A vibrant town centre boasts more than 200 shops, cafés and restaurants
  • The private sector is made up mainly of small businesses. Roughly 350 new companies are formed every year and there are 3,600 companies
    in total.
  • Several international companies, including Stora Enso, Artic Paper, Orkla Care AB and NKT Cables AB
  • There is rich variety of alternative in schools, both nine-year compulsory schools, but also upper secondary schools.
    At Dalarna universityexternal link, opens in new window you´ll find about 60 programmes and roughly
    1,100 courses.
  • There is a dance- and musicschool for children
  • Falun Conservatory of Music, has a specially designed programme in classical music

    More information about Falun - Welcome to FalunPDF
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