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September 15 2017
       Dalarna University Campus Library, Falun, Sweden   

          The event was part of Falun Democracy Weeköppnas i nytt fönster

The whole was broadcasted online, see all videos from the day below:

  • Europe 2019 - When every vote counts and every voice is heard.
    Med Johan Wullt, Fredrick Federley och Daniela Vancic
  • Democracy city. Meeting the populist challenge: Towards sustainable local infrastructures for strong democracy.
    Med Jörn Fritzenkötter, Jenny Antonsson, Federico Alagna och Anthony Zacharzewski
  • Global voices and perspectives - How to make the world a much more democratic place?
    Med Yves Leterme, Jutta Gützkow, Joe Mathews och Dane Waters.
    Musik av Emeli och Oskar Jeremias
  • Global Passport to Modern Direct Democracy - International launch of International IDEA guide to active citizenship and participatory democracy.
    With Frank McLoughlin, Christian Schönenberger and Bruno Kaufmann.

Anna Parkhouse

Lecturer in political science at Dalarna University. Head of the Humanities Department.

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Christian Schönenberger

Ambassador of Switzerland to Sweden. Prior to his present appointment he was Ambassador to Ukraine and Moldova (2011-2015). During 2014, he also represented the Swiss Chairmanship of OSCE in Ukraine, at the outset of the war.

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Dane Waters

President, Initiative and Referendum Institute. He was a political appointee in President George H. W. Bush’s administration and served as the Political Director of the Humane Society.
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Daniela Vancic

Daniela Vancic is the Cologne-based European Program Manager at Democracy International.

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Emeli och Oskar Jeremias

Musical siblings from Täby/ Sweden with roots in the Swiss Alps.   emelijeremias.selänk till annan webbplats, öppnas i nytt fönster

Frank McLoughlin

Programme Officer in the Electoral Processes Programme at International IDEA. 


Frederico Alagna

Deputy-Mayor for Culture, Public Education and Youth Policies of the City of Messina, Sicily.

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Fredrick Federley

Member of European Parliament for the Center Party. Member of the Industries Committee.

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Johan Wullt

Director of Communications at the European Commission Representation Office in Sweden.

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Joe Mathews

California columnist & Innovation editor, Zócalo Public Square
Professor in practice at Arizona State University.

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Jutta Gützkow

Head of Good Governance Division at the Council of Europe.

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Jörn Fritzenkötter

Jörn is a project officer at the Council of Europe, working on the World Forum for Democracy and the Participatory Democracy Incubator.

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Yves Leterme

Secretary General of the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA). Yves Leterme served as Prime Minister of Belgium from 2007 to 2011.

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Bruno Kaufmann

Chairman, Election and Democracy Commission at Falun Municipality. Global Democracy Correspondent for the Swiss Broadcasting Company. Co-President of the Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy.
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Jenny Antonsson

Democracy Navigator at Falun Municipality.
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