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Information about the corona virus in other languages

Information from Swedish authorities

Read coordinated information from all Swedish authorities about how to protect yourself and others on External link, opens in new window..

The information is given in 25 different languages.

Healthcare Guide 1177 (Vårdguiden 1177)

Sweden's national hub for advice, information, inspiration and e-services for health and healthcare has information about corona in several differens languages on External link, opens in new window..

Radio in other languages

News about the virus outbreak from the Swedish Radio in several different languages External link, opens in new window..

Frequently asked questions

Read frequently asked questions about the corona situation in several different languages on The Public Health Agency's website External link, opens in new window..


Falun Municipality

Arabiska – عربي

Somaliska – Soomaali

Dari – دری

(first part)

Dari – دری

(second part)

Dari – دری

(third part)

Healthcare Guide

Arabiska – عربي

Engelska – English

Somaliska – Soomaali

General questions about the virus

The Healthcare Guide 1177 (Vårdguiden 1177) has a phone service for questions concerning the new corona virus and covid-19 for you who speak Arabic, Somali, Persian, Tigrinya/Amarinja and Russian.

If you have general questions about the virus, call 08-123 680 00.

Those who support you on the phone work as Health Communicators at the Transcultural Center in Stockholm County.

Opening hours weekdays, 9-12 am and 1-3 pm.

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